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Is guardianship required for when studying overseas?

Most countries would require guardianship for those that are under eighteen years old, however some are only necessary if you are under sixteen years old.
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Can I meet a university representative? Do I need to?

We can certainly try to arrange a meeting with an institution representative if it is more re-assuring for you before, during or after the application process. The need for an interview would be assessed on a case by case basis and this also varies with institutions. For more information, please contact our office or representative.
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When and how would I arrange my accommodation at my chosen university?

Usually you should arrange your accommodation after you have accepted your offer at your chosen institution. Most of our partner institutions have rental accommodation available for international students and usually they would send a letter which includes all the arrangement details after offer acceptance.
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When and how would I arrange my visa?

We endeavour to try help you with visa applications as much as we can. However, changes in visa requirements often occur and you should always seek advice from the relevant authorities for the most up to date information.
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Roughly how much would it cost to study abroad?

This depends on the course and educational institution chosen. Typical expenses would usually include tuition fees, travelling costs, food, student visas, stationery, accommodation, medical insurance, exam fees and entertainment. A rough estimate would be around 150-200k per year. This is only an example which is for reference only as these costs can vary with individuals and time.
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Would I need to purchase medical insurance and have a medical check up performed before I study overseas?

Most of the countries would need to see proof of purchase of medical insurance and medical check up before granting student visas to applicants.
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How long would the student visa application take?

This process can take up to 1-2 months so we would advise our clients to apply for a student visa early to avoid delays.
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Do I require funding proof when I apply for my student visa?

Most countries do require to see proof of a certain amount of funds in your bank account before student visa application is approved and this amount do vary. Please contact our advisors for more information.
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