EBS University for Business and Law- Germany


About EBS University for Business and Law

For over 40 years, EBS has long made a name for itself as one of the leading business schools in Germany. Today, we are proud to present the new EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht (EBS University for Business and Law).

The transformation from EBS Business School into EBS Universität is the most important milestone since the founding of EBS. Our vision becomes reality: To establish EBS as one of the most modern and innovative universities in its field and as the first German business university to be ranked among the leading universities worldwide.

The many diverse synergies at the interface between our Business and Law School clearly set us apart from the competition in Germany and give us a strong competitive edge on an international level – both essential requirements to achieving a top tier position in the international education market.

Our University is built on a strong foundation. Since its inception in 1971, EBS has played a pioneering role among German business schools and today it is one of the most highly regarded business studies faculties in the country. Through academic excellence and thought leadership we have gained a reputation as a powerful motor for business, politics and society. Currently our Master in Management programme is ranked 14th globally in the FT and we are ranked 1st for the competences: corporate strategy and organizational behavior.

Following this model, EBS Law School aims to set benchmark standards in the education of legal professionals. Equipped with management and entrepreneurial competence, a sound academic grounding and practical experience, the "EBS legal professional" will be well prepared for the diverse challenges in today's professional world, above all the challenges facing international law firms and globally operating companies.

A society that strives for success and harmony needs men and women who will become first-class, responsible and creative executives, lawyers and managers. A university will only be able to guarantee an education to accomplish this when, from the outset, in addition to equipping students with expert knowledge it fosters individual personal development and the ability to work in teams and as part of a complex network. This is what sets EBS apart and makes studying at EBS such an attractive proposition.

All students at EBS Universität are aiming for more than just a degree. Choosing to study at EBS is always, even for parents, a decision to become part of the wide-reaching and ever growing EBS alumni community, whose members are able and willing to take on responsibility.

As the world's leading universities and business schools have shown: The individual and social competence and the integrity of graduates from leading universities is of paramount importance for the stability and success of societies. We are committed to these objectives – they represent both a challenge and an opportunity for EBS graduates.