Falmouth University- Cornwall


About Falmouth University

For more than 100 years Falmouth University has been challenging creativity. Through it, we are redefining creative education and making a vital contribution to the resurgence of the local and global economies.

Today, there has never been a greater need for creativity. With it, goals can be met and surpassed, opportunities created and lives, as well as commerce enriched. At Falmouth University, our research and innovation shapes our teaching and the world we live in. Our national and international partnerships provide opportunity for business and students alike. Through our students we nurture and release creative capital. It benefits them as well as the world.

With breathtaking scenery right on our doorstep, we’re proud to be set apart from the city
sprawl. Our tree-lined coasts, bustling harbour, panoramic ocean vistas and hazy horizons inspire us every day. Whether you’re strolling in green fields, getting your toes wet in rock pools or relaxing on one of Falmouth’s three spectacular beaches after a day’s lectures, we’ve got a lot more than concrete and traffic to stimulate the senses. With two 16th-century castles peering over the picturesque Fal Estuary, a Victorian pier stretching into the river and a strong maritime and Celtic heritage to its name, Falmouth’s rich history is yours to discover. What’s more, global exchange and innovation shape Falmouth’s past, present and future, from the famous Packet ships carrying messages worldwide, or Marconi’s first radio signal bouncing to America, right up to Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station’s role transmitting information to every corner of the world.

At the heart of creativity in the UK and the world, Falmouth University has a very special atmosphere that propagates originality and stimulates challenging creativity. With us you'll advance the boundaries of your craftsmanship and creative expression. You'll explore the convergence between technology and the arts. You'll develop your own creative identity and increase the value of it. You'll constantly push the limits of just how good you can be. But you'll never be on your own. It may not always be comfortable, but it will be courageous, diverse, exciting, experimental, progressive, relevant and transforming.

Spread across two campuses, our facilities and spaces are carefully designed and developed with professional consultation and ongoing investment, to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s The Photography Centre, which is recognised as the best in Europe; The Performance Centre, which draws professional artists from around the world to devise and perform; The Design Centre, which encourages collaborative working; The Media Centre, which is kitted out with the very latest technology; or the dedicated personal studio space available, students at Falmouth have everything they need at their fingertips, to bring their ideas to life. Alongside the facilities, our team of technicians and researchers offer professional know-how and guidance to ensure that whatever the creative ambition, there’s someone on hand to help make it happen.

Our commitment to international students is well established. In a recent survey of 193 universities across 14 countries, we were ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd globally for the quality of the international student experience that we offer. Students, academics and professionals from around the globe join us here to learn, collaborate, explore and produce in truly incredible surroundings. And what they get here is different; an eye-opening perspective, an original way of thinking, a welcoming and supportive environment and an unwavering commitment to quality, built on over 100 years of experience.

Our alumni have been nominated for Turner Prizes and for Booker Prizes; they work at firms such as Saatchi & Saatchi, the BBC, Nike and Aardman; they’re based in creative centres such as London, San Francisco, Shanghai and Mumbai – they are leaders in the global creative industries.