The King’s Hospital School- Dublin


About The King’s Hospital School

The school has been at the forefront of education in Ireland since 1669 annually producing academic results amongst the best on the island. Particularly strong results in Science and Maths buck the national trend but these are equaled right across the very broad range of subjects available.

The King's Hospital is much more than just a centre for academic excellence. Everyone has a valued place at the school and each pupil’s individual and varied talents are nurtured and encouraged, in their daily lives as well as in the classroom, to ensure that they achieve to their full potential, optimise all of their talents and reach their personal goals. Tradition is embraced and blended with progressive thinking and state of the art facilities to ensure that pupils develop a love and appreciation of learning - so vital in today’s world - to enable graduates to adapt and achieve in future study and careers and to cope with life experiences.

While pupils enjoy the atmosphere, support and encouragement studying at a school which is consistently one of the top academic schools on the island of Ireland, they also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of Sport, Music, Drama and other extra-curricular activities. Extensive facilities, tutors and coaches at The King’s Hospital are available to all students to discover and learn new skills which they can develop to elite status or enjoy, as part of a healthy and varied lifestyle, or just for fun.
Pupils participate in 28 different sports - something available for everyone! - and each year sees individuals and teams achieve provincial, national and international success in many of these including: rugby, hockey, equestrian, athletics, cricket, swimming, basketball, kayaking and rowing. After school activities also offer opportunities to excel at and enjoy Music, Drama, Debating (in 5 languages!), Photography, History, Film Studies, Languages, Pottery and Ceramics and many more.

One to one guidance and support with general life-skills and academic matters teaches pupils to understand and cope with all aspects of growing and learning. Graduates of The King’s Hospital are well balanced with a strong moral ethic and sense of values. Pupils become independent and caring individuals taking personal responsibility for their own actions and respecting all others, with the ability to lead and positively influence the communities in which they live and work.